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Welcome to


What is Clubtreasurer?

Clubtreasurer provides small clubs & organisations like yours with an easy to use finance and accounting solution to allow you to manage and report your cash flows and finances, as well as tracking budgets, funds and activities.

Why not join the hundreds of sports and social clubs, scouting and youth groups, charities, faith groups, PTAs and small businesses who are currently using Clubtreasurer to sucessfully manage their accounts and finances?

Who is Clubtreasurer for?

Clubtreasurer is aimed at treasurers, book-keepers and accountants of small clubs, organisations and businesses. Specifically, Clubtreasurer is designed to manage simple 'single entry' cash accounting requirements ("income and expenditure") that these small organisations require.

Clubtreasurer is also very easy to use - so don't worry if you don't have any accounting knowledge! And with a Premium subscription you can allow up to five members to securely access your accounts which is great news for the Chairman, Secretary or even your Auditor!

How do I use Clubtreasurer?

Clubtreasurer is fully cloud-based and requires no software to be download or installed - you simply access it via your internet browser.

This means that Clubtreasurer provides you with a safe and reliable accounting solution that requires no system management, no software installations or upgrades, and no backups. In addition, you benefit from the ability to securely access your accounts from any computer, tablet or smartphone with internet access.

As you can now see, this site takes advantage of jQuery to allow expandable content areas, slideshows and expanding/collapsing menus.

Main Features

Control your Cash Yes!
Track your Projects and Events Yes!
Manage your Funds Yes!
Set and Manage Budgets and Forecasts  Yes!
Safe and Easy to Use Yes!

See other sections for more details on these features.