Clubtreasurer.com provides you with everything you need as Treasurer for your club, PTA, small business or charity.

Control Your Cash

Fundamental to managing any club, charity or small business finances is ensuring you have an up to date and clear view of your cash and bank balances.

With Clubtreasurer.com, you can track and manage your all of your bank acounts, building society savings, credit cards and cash balances.

  • Define and manage all bank and cash accounts
  • Report cash-flows and balances
  • Reconcile accounts with Bank Statements

Track your Projects & Events

For clubs and charities, creating and running events is likely to be your primary source of fund raising and it is crucial, therefore, to have a clear understanding of the costs and income generated by all of your fund-raising activities.

Small businesses can also use these features to track and monitor income and expenditure against specific projects, product line or service type.

Clubtreasurer.com's simple design helps you to efficiently and effectively manage all incomes and expenditures associated with each event or project and to report the all-important surplus (or deficits!)

  • Track your transactions using definable categories such as sales, other income, personal expenses, floats, petty cash, etc.
  • Manage personal expenses
  • Report project/event supluses or deficits
  • Compare with previous projects or events.

Manage your Budgets and Funds

Once fund-raising goals are identified, a key part of the management of a club or charity's finances is to ensure that cash is ear-marked and protected for these funds.

Clubtreasurer.com allows you to create any number of funding goals to which you can allocate specific income and expenditure to help you reach your targets.

  • Define all your club or charity's funding goals, including funding rules and targets.
  • Track and manage all income and expenditure against funds.
  • Report fund performance against target and current balance.